Fun and easy-to-DIY flowers.


Do-it-yourself may sound like something stressful and tedious to you. Let me you this. It’s NOT if experts who designed what you are to DIY made it easy for you so that you will have fun with it. Flower experts at Bloominous made sure that their wedding flower arrangements are fun and easy to DIY. The shop’s experts already did the hard part for us: design, shop, and prepare. Now, all we have to do when the fresh flowers are delivered to us is to arrange it by DIYing!

A Bouquet Idea from the Country Charm Collection

A Centerpiece Idea from the Country Charm Collection

Still not convinced that DIY flowers are for you? Check out the trial kits at 15% off at Bloominous. You can choose from their collections. The Country Charm Collection has a certain charm to it. Why not get a trial kit from that collection and see for yourself how easy it is to do a bouquet or centerpiece like the photos above.

You can do it!

Be grateful.


Teach your heart to always be grateful for every little blessing sent your way. And there are many, if you will only open your eyes and regard everything as a blessing or a blessing in disguise.

Be grateful. It will open up so many possibilities for you.

Happy Monday to all!

A December wedding.

Everybody is now very busy preparing for the wedding come December. It will be a very important wedding not only for the couple but also for their love ones. This is one wedding that every member of their families is waiting for. It’s a long wait for the couple and it’s now slowly coming to fruition.

Do you want to see the gown that the bride wants? Well, click here and you’ll see. I myself can’t wait for the wedding to take place. I have been teasing the couple about tying the knot for years and now it’s just a few months away.

I can’t wait!

Moving out. Moving in.

It is a great day to relocate so I asked my sisters and friends to help me out with it. I will be moving out of my old apartment and will be moving into a new one. A friend suggested using a revashelf mixer lift to help with lifting very heavy stuff. I said yes as long as it won’t be cutting too much into my budget. My friend said yes it won’t.

I must say that it’s not an easy task, to move out and move in in a span of three days. It’s a big job but this move is what I need so the work will all be worth it in the end.

I know it will be.

A timely reminder.

being strong

There are some battles that we need to just avoid getting tangled into. Not each one that comes our way is worth fighting for.

What a timely reminder for all of us!

I specifically needed this kind of reminder as I am fighting a lot of battles lately.

Have a great week ahead everyone!


Who’s the father?

There is a local celebrity here in the country who is in doubt whether he really is the father of another local celebrity’s newborn baby. There are rumors that the baby’s father is another celebrity with whom the mother had a relationship before. Quite a big confusion to the people who are following these celebrities, but most confusing to the people involved. There is only one solution to clear things up: dna tests for the baby.

DNA testing, I believe, is one of the greatest procedures ever invented. I mean, there are so many cases similar to the celebrities involved I have mentioned. A child could look like the father or the mother but he or she could turn out to be the child of someone else. There are so many cases like that in real life. We may not hear it but there are cases like this.

Thank goodness there is dna testing that could be done to someone you are doubting to be someone of your flesh and blood. Paternity issues are most often the cases being solved using dna testing. We’ve heard about this so many times already that we are almost as familiar with dna testing as the people involved in the case.