Everything amplified!

There was a commotion inside the studio. The man behind the production company was not aware of it because he was wearing a studio monitor headphone and was busy with the Roland Amplifiers. He didn’t know that his staff were going crazy over the new recruit. She’s stunning! The guys were drooling over her and the women were looking her up from top to bottom.

When the man behind the production company realized what’s going on, he put a stop to it right away. He stood up and walked towards the woman sitting in a corner looking down at a piece of paper. He called out a greeting and was struck by how beautiful she was! It took him a while before he managed to speak again.

Throughout the first round of practice session, they were all staring at the woman like she’s a goddess who appeared before them. She was oblivious to their admiration.

Who’s the father?

There is a local celebrity here in the country who is in doubt whether he really is the father of another local celebrity’s newborn baby. There are rumors that the baby’s father is another celebrity with whom the mother had a relationship before. Quite a big confusion to the people who are following these celebrities, but most confusing to the people involved. There is only one solution to clear things up: dna tests for the baby.

DNA testing, I believe, is one of the greatest procedures ever invented. I mean, there are so many cases similar to the celebrities involved I have mentioned. A child could look like the father or the mother but he or she could turn out to be the child of someone else. There are so many cases like that in real life. We may not hear it but there are cases like this.

Thank goodness there is dna testing that could be done to someone you are doubting to be someone of your flesh and blood. Paternity issues are most often the cases being solved using dna testing. We’ve heard about this so many times already that we are almost as familiar with dna testing as the people involved in the case.

Missing out.

I love gadgets. But I can’t really say that I am a techie person because I only know mobile phones and computers. I can read and understand a manual for an equipment and other gadgets but if you would be asking for a pro, that I am not. If you ask me about a mobile router, I will refer you to my cousin who knows more about it than I do. If you ask me about external hard drives, that I know a lot about. But mostly, I would be referring you to my cousin who is a fountain of information regarding anything tech-related.

I like I am missing out on a lot of things because of this. My cousin was talking to me about dw pacific drums from musicians friend and I couldn’t get into the mood of things because I don’t really understand the technicalities of what he’s saying. Sigh.

Fun at work.

I envy the guys at work. They bring their g&l guitars every Wednesday and Friday and would spend their lunch time playing it. I can see how they were enjoying their time and I would love the same with the girls. Or maybe with them, too, but I don’t know how to play the guitar.

I love a fun work environment. I love a job that doesn’t feel like one but rather feels more of play. I do believe that it motivates an employee more than a job where people are pressured to do their work.

I am just glad that even if we, girls, don’t have the same fun guitar time, at least it is still fun at work almost every single day.

Family time.


It really feels so good to be spending the weekend with family. The stress of the work week flies out the window the minute you wake up to the smell of breakfast cooking and you hear the familiar chaos of the people at home.

This is life! Family time is the best!

Happy weekend everyone!

A day with the old man.

Dear old Mr. Jake was asking my brother on what is the best trail camera that he could get from the local hunting/outdoors store about two blocks away. My brother didn’t know so he offered to accompany Mr. Jake instead. Or he could go by himself if the dear old man would want to.

Both men went to the store and bought some items. My brother learned that Mr. Jake will be joining his friends who will go up the mountains this coming April. They are going to go bird watching. They will also go fishing when they go down the mountain.

My brother had a grand time with the old man, we could tell when he went home feeling like he helped a dozen senior persons after.

Before text messages…


I remember exchanging handwritten letters with my friends back in high school and college. I remember how laborious it was to write one long letter, more so when I would give all my friends one. But it was fun. It was rewarding in a way because you get to know your friends better. You get to know the ones who are truly loyal and true to you.

These days, the TLC in letters is already gone due to text messages and emails. I am not saying that the technology of today is not handy but I do miss the good old handwritten letters where we pour our hearts and soul to each one sent.

Life is…

…being able to enjoy each moment, savor the triumphs, reflect on the downfalls, and taking each day one at a time.

I told my cousin not to rush things because it can be one reason for him to make a mistake. He has to think, plan, and execute well if he really wants to succeed.

He is shifting his focus from being a theater actor to being a musician. He will still be working in the theater but instead of being on stage acting, he will handle the new yamaha mox6 61 key backstage together with the rest of the theater music group. He’s been working since he was a little kid. It was his choice to be in theater and I told him that he should take a vacation, even a week will do, to think things over before he makes a final decision.