Who would have thought that being cooped up in a house in the countryside can be therapeutic to the soul? It felt so good to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. For weeks, I felt like the winds became my lullabies at night, lulling me to sleep. I felt my soul slowly being fixed and put together again.

While out there, my love for music also came back. An older male cousin who lives in the same town lent me his acoustic guitar complete with a music stand (which you can find here, if you want to see what it looks like). I spent some days and nights just getting reacquainted with old music and discovering new ones.

Could it be?


Maybe it’s the reason why I can’t sleep yet. I am in someone else’s dream! Wide awake and possibly partying there? Ha-ha! But I am already sleepy so maybe my wandering self is about to go home so we can both sleep.

Good night everyone! A few minutes more and it’s already Monday in this part of the world. Now, for those who are on the other side and enjoying a later time zone, enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


Screen and verify first.

If your bread and butter comes from renting out properties, make sure you know more about tenant screening at Tenantify powered by employment and income verification. It’s fairly simple. All you have to do is sign up. If you already have a prospective tenant applying, request information you need on employment and income of the tenant through Tenantify and then the verification will commence.

For employment verification, the tenant’s employer on record is called via a verified number. A detailed call note and recording are done. For income verification, authentication of the tenant’s income via an online banking API plus precise calculation of a tenant’s income are done. After both processes, detailed results with add-on analysis are provided to the landlord. Tenant then pays Tenantify for verifying the information they gave.

Simple, right? And I should add, a fast service! Screen tenants before anything else. You don’t want to encounter problems in the future if you don’t.

BFF: Best Fake Friends!

I hate people who are pretending to be your friends but are actually talking negatively about you behind your back. I have these people in my life and I know I should cut them off. Completely!

I have so many regrets in life and one of those is not finding enough true friends. It was the bad decisions I made back in school, often talking only to those seated beside me and not venturing out of my comfort zone.

There are days when I wish I can turn back time so that I can correct even just some of the mistakes I committed. It would probably undo what I am today but will make my life a bit better than it is.

What a sad life.


Day by day…

day by day

It sure feels as if everything is different when you look back but it actually was just the same when you were living it. I think the change is in the person itself. It’s in us. Don’t you think?

What I am happy about is that I continue living. We continue living. No matter how hard life is, no matter the changes we perceive to happen, we continue breathing and living day by day.

Happy Wednesday!

Fun and easy-to-DIY flowers.


Do-it-yourself may sound like something stressful and tedious to you. Let me you this. It’s NOT if experts who designed what you are to DIY made it easy for you so that you will have fun with it. Flower experts at Bloominous made sure that their wedding flower arrangements are fun and easy to DIY. The shop’s experts already did the hard part for us: design, shop, and prepare. Now, all we have to do when the fresh flowers are delivered to us is to arrange it by DIYing!

A Bouquet Idea from the Country Charm Collection

A Centerpiece Idea from the Country Charm Collection

Still not convinced that DIY flowers are for you? Check out the trial kits at 15% off at Bloominous. You can choose from their collections. The Country Charm Collection has a certain charm to it. Why not get a trial kit from that collection and see for yourself how easy it is to do a bouquet or centerpiece like the photos above.

You can do it!